Big Welcome to Our New Staff Writers!

We would like to wish a nice, big welcome to our newest staff writers John Butler and Kaha Haji-Mohamed.

Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, John is presently a Joint Honours Economics and Finance student at McGill University. He has previous experience working as a business intern within the health/clinical research sector. John’s primary areas of research and expertise include transportation, energy, and health economics in addition to project management. John is an avid football fan (of both the European and American varieties).

Kaha is a fourth year Honours in Economics student at the University of Ottawa who will be graduating this coming spring.  She was born in Mogadishu, Somalia but her family migrated to Ottawa, Canada when she was young child.  After graduating, she would like travel to South Korea and teach English as a Second Language for a year before pursuing a Masters degree in Economics or Business administration. While she has always had a passion for economics it was re-sparked following the 2008 financial crisis. In her spare time, Kaha enjoys watching basketball (NBA and NCAA). She roots for Lebron James and the Cavs against any team except for the Raptors #WeTheNorth or the Knicks #NewYorkStateOfMind.


The CSBR Team