Below are the official Contributors to the Canadian Student Business Review. To be considered a Contributor, a student must either publish an article in the Canadian Student Economic Journal, be part of the CSBR Team or publish 1 article in The Zero-Sum Blog. The submissions can be entirely new works, or past essays written for classes. To become a contributor Contact Us!


Elliot Kaufman - Stanford University (Journal)

Karl Valentini - Marianopolis College (Journal)

Marc Levesque - Ph.D., University of Chicago (Journal)

Michael Frances - Selwyn House School (Journal)

Peter Koczanski - Princeton University (Journal)

Matthew Karol - McGill University Faculty of Law

Keenan MacNeal - McGill University (Journal)

Leila Martin - University of Toronto (Journal)

Euirim Choi - University of Chicago

Houji Yao - McGill University

Connor Munro - Marianopolis College

Nicholas Parziale - University of Waterloo

Melissa Anber - Marianopolis College

David Iacono - University of Toronto

Steven Paolitto - Marianopolis College

Zac Kauffman - McGill University (Journal)

Alyson Duff - McGill University

Marie-Adelaide Bullukian - McGill University (Journal)

Evan Chung - McGill University

Jennafer Hartman - Carleton University (Journal)

Ching Hadley - Carleton University (Journal)

Atam Singh - Carleton University (Journal)

Tyler Baessler - McGill University

William Guicheney - London School of Economics and Political Science (Journal)

Laurent Jolie-Coeur - The Stern School, New York University (Journal)

David Barmes - McGill University (Journal)

Alexandre Lasry - McGill University

David Balass - McGill University

Liam Nicol - Marianopolis College 

Jason Xiao - University of British Columbia

Jeremy Herman - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Vivian Garciacano - Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Nikolas De Stefano - Marianopolis College

Mattea Roach - University of Toronto

Luca D'Angelo - Marianopolis College

Brandon Rudolph - Dawson College

Kirk Wright - McGill University (Journal)

Andrea Boza - McGill University (Journal)

Stephanie Bernal - McGill University (Journal)

Alberto Zambon - University of British Columbia (Journal)

Ryan Parsons - Queen's University (Journal)

Aneri Nanavaty - McGill University (Journal)

Nickolas Amaral - Queen's University (Journal)

Manu Goswami - University of Toronto

Gordon Milne - McGill University

Alina Kahil - Queen's University

Abhishek Chaudhry - Queen's University