The Canadian Student Business Review publishes a student peer-review economics journals called the Canadian Student Economic Journal.

The Journal consists of articles written by professionals and students. It is open to students of any age, in either high school or university, and of any nationality, as well as any other professionals or people interested in economics. The only restriction that we have is that the article is interesting and engaging! Topics can range from current trends in economics, studies on a country's economy, economic research or economic commentary. We accept new articles and papers written for classes; however, we have a rigorous selection process in choosing which articles we publish, and so we cannot provide any guarantees that a submitted article will be selected for a place in an edition of the Economics Journal.

The articles selected typically range from 1,500 to 2,500 words in length. If you are interested in contributing to our Journal send us an email by visiting Submissions. If you are interested in sending us something new, then please send us an abstract of the topic you intend to write about, a sample paper of any subject to evaluate the quality of writing and a proof of schooling (it could be as informal as a screenshot of a school ID). If you intend on sending a past paper written for a class, please send us the paper and letter grade received on the paper.

During the publication process, all accepted articles for an Issue are reviewed by our Editorial Board who gives feedback and helps writers learn how to write academic papers. A professional economist or business professional will also be involved in the reviewing and feedback process during an Issue's publication.

All of our economic journals are published on our website right here, and they can be downloaded free of charge. Individuals published in the Journal become official CSBR published Writers in addition to becoming official Contributors.