Does Packaging Matter?

Ever buy something expensive with good packaging? Packaging is a great marketing tool. It doesn’t matter if you are selling t-shirts or the most expensive laptop, you should always have aesthetically pleasing packaging for your product. Although many people including myself give more time to the product and not really think about packaging, here are a few reasons why you should take some time and careful thought when it comes to packaging.

It represents your brand

First impressions speak volumes. Do you want somebody to take a look at your product and think “cheap”? No, you don’t. People usually don’t buy from companies that cannot support themselves. Some may buy your product out of sympathy but most will not. Most big brands have amazing quality. When you buy the product and feel the box, you can feel good quality and just can’t wait to get home and use the product itself.

It is an experience

Have you ever bought an apple product? If you have, you would know that opening the packaging is an amazing, satisfying experience that gives you the feeling that your money went to the right place. When someone buys your product, do you want them to have the feeling of a cheap product or a high-end product? Probably high-end.

Putting your product in stores

You probably have bought something from a tech store in your life. Have you ever received a product without packaging? Most likely not. It is a simple concept, stores will not carry your product if it does not have any kind of packaging. Even if you plan to sell your product online, you need packaging. When was the last time you ordered something online and you got the parcel with just the product in it? I receive a lot of parcels and the only ones I get without packaging are the ones that I buy wholesale to be resold and I package those myself before I sell.

Raising brand recognition

Ever go to a friend’s house and seen just the packaging of a product? Some people like to keep packaging, for example, if I buy a $2500 laptop from apple, there is no way I am throwing away the packaging for a year if not more. It can also help with your sales. Just seeing the packaging of a product somewhere can make you feel like that brand is trusted and it is safe to make a purchase from there because someone else did.

Differentiates your brand

The last thing you want is to buy a pack of gum with no brand or details on it. Just because the cashier says it is gum, you probably wont be intrigued enough to buy a white bag of “gum”. You want your packaging to be unique to give the consumer the feeling that it is not like every other product they have bought in the past. You want them to feel that your product is worth it. Just don’t sell your product in a basic box with nothing on it.

Those are some of the reasons I believe packaging is important but I am sure there are more. If you know some more reasons, let me know in the comments.


Anmol Dhalla

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Pictured titled, "Apple Keyboard shipping packaging", taken by Larry Tomlinson on May 13, 2008, obtained through Creative Commons (