Started in 2014, our organization has provided an avenue for students to learn about and participate in the world of economics, finance and business.

What We Do

To accomplish our mission, we have established a variety of interesting programs to teach and engage students. We publish a student peer-review economic journal called the Canadian Student Economic Journal, which consists of articles from leading professional experts, our own writers and student submissions. Our organization also has its own online platform for our writers and Canadian students to write interesting articles commenting on and analyzing the world of business called The Zero-Sum Blog

We have a Contributor system in place for interested Canadian high school and university students. Any student from can become an official Contributor to the Canadian Student Business Review by either getting an article published in the Canadian Student Economic Journal or by getting an article published in The Zero-Sum Blog. 

What We've Achieved

  • We have released 3 Academic Journals of Economics
  • We have our own blog, The Zero-Sum Blog, which contains interesting and engaging articles on current trends in economics, finance and business